The DC Ditcher

Last year I was ghosted after dating a boy for about 2 months. We’d met on tinder, had a mutual attraction, and clicked immediately on our first date (at an art gallery happy hour event). He was cute, fun, dressed well, and had a great smile. We had great conversations and there was always more to discuss between us. We met each other’s friends. He told me personal stories about his family. We hung out multiple times a week, and I usually stayed the night at his place afterwards. The baristas at our neighborhood coffeeshop (we lived just a 6 minute walk apart) got used to seeing us come in together in the mornings.  
I thought we had potential together. I had real feelings for him, and he indicated it was mutual. We hadn’t ever fought, or even really disagreed about anything that I know of, at that point. But one Friday night I was leaving a concert with girlfriends, and texted him to meet up. I never heard back.
-Washington DC