No Response…Is a Response.

It happens to me a lot. I dont think i really do anything out of the ordinary. Ive tried dating online, its happened quite a bit, almost every time ive gotten a response actually. I think its because they see no reason to give a “No thanks, not interested”  and dont want to be a ass.   So ive adopted the philosophy, “no response, is a response”. So…i dont date online. Tinder is a joke…in my city.(indianapolis)…any response ive EVER gotten…has ended up being someone ready with a url to their…cam site. So i stopped that too. online has become kind of a joke. Half personalities putting their best representative self  forward as a sales pitch…not prepared for anything less than someone elses best representative pitch.  ….but honesty seems to be a red flag....a disarming unexpected truth or something. 

I dont know. Im long winded. In a ridiculously low part of my life.    But the “no response, is a response” thing…has kept me from pursuing things that were probably best left un-pursued.

Wasting time and effort on someone who didnt like some detail of my actual personality…but were too wrapped up in the game of “best physical/financial mate”…. To realize the games futility when finding meaning.

Sorry its not really a story…more of a perspective.
My stories are all the same…get a response…
Do the back and forth…i send a response….nothing in return.
Im too shy to actually approach women in real life…without a proper reason or circumstance.   

Anyways…enough from me.
Hope this was some sort of help.

I wish you the best,


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